PlaTCOM Ventures offers commercialisation services within the field of research-based innovation to our collaborating research institutions, companies, government agencies, inventors and entrepreneurs. PlaTCOM evaluates ideas and inventions that are under development and determines, in collaboration with the inventor, which ideas will progress as commercialisation projects.

As a participant in our programme for commercialisation of inventions, PlaTCOM’s team of project managers and business developers will help you out. You will also gain access to the competencies, experience and networks that PlaTCOM’s employees and collaborative partners possess.

In commercialising IP, PlaTCOM provides assistance to develop the invention, develop a business model, prepare applications for project funding, conduct market research, evaluate patentability, file patents, seek appropriate commercial partners and investors, prepare contracts and choose the route to commercialisation (company or licensing). We do this in close cooperation with the inventor. Our role is to provide advice and to facilitate the progression of your invention towards commercialisation. Our goal is to create a successful business with growth potential in the global market.

We also help companies in the areas of business incubation, facilities and equipment hire, advice and assistance in testing/validation/regulatory services, to access development funding (public and private sectors) and business modelling. We will also help companies to identify outsourced manufacturing services, distributors and distribution channels to access local international markets.

We understand that effective IP commercialisation requires the collaboration of many valued partners. PlaTCOM works in close collaboration with multiple stakeholders across the innovation ecosystem. Our collaborative partners range from universities, public research institutes, government agencies, individual entrepreneurs and innovators, SMEs, large corporations including multinationals, subject matter experts in specific industries, and investors such as business angels, venture capitalists and corporate investors.

At PlaTCOM Ventures, we recognise the importance of conducting technology evaluation, Intellectual Property evaluation and market research to determine commercial viability of a given invention. Consequently, we work together with world’s leading resource service providers such as Lexis Nexis, Frost & Sullivan and German Lerhman Group.

Thus, collaboration is of utmost importance to us. Below are some of PlaTCOM’s collaborative partners: