Message from the CEO

As I look at the progress since our inception, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. We have successfully transitioned from a fresh start-up to become a known firm within a very short period of time, garnering attention from across the nation, while earning our stakeholders' trust along the way.

It is extremely satisfying to know that we are able to help our valued stakeholders - SMEs, universities, public research institutes, investors as well as many government entities - to build the strategic blueprints that enable them to connect the dots within the Malaysian innovation ecosystem. Stakeholder satisfaction is the hallmark by which we measure our performance, and we hold ourselves, to the highest standards of quality in executing the national programmes that we have been mandated to spearhead.

Technology transfer and commercialisation is a long process. It takes talented, spirited and passionate individuals to make it happen, and it takes time, effort and persistence. The PlaTCOM team is focused on continually developing its skills set in the diverse array of talents, knowledge and creativity required in driving technology transfer, commercialisation and innovation.

Through IP commercialisation we aim to create social and economic impact in terms of new job creation, industry transformation and bringing Malaysian ventures to the world stage.

When conveying PlaTCOM Ventures’ successes, I always return back to three guiding principles, each of which has helped define who we are today and will continue to define us for a long time to come:

Talented People. Among our most important assets are the knowledge base, deep-rooted professionalism and unwavering commitment of our qualified, diverse staff. I’m proud to be a part of PlaTCOM and humbled to have the opportunity to lead it on its journey towards creating value for Malaysia and beyond. My colleagues and I, at all levels of PlaTCOM, are committed to driving ourselves towards success by being at the forefront of IP commercialisation in Malaysia. As such, the staff of PlaTCOM is at the core of who we are and what we do. From our Commercialisation Specialists to our Subject Matter Experts, and IP Services personnel to our Senior Management, the PlaTCOM team is committed to providing unparalleled service to all our stakeholders.

National Focus. Simply put, PlaTCOM Ventures is committed to and takes pride in delivering two key national programmes. We run the nation’s first IP trading platform called Innovation Business Opportunities (IBO) to spearhead technology transfer from research organisations to industry thus promoting industry-academia collaboration. We also collaborated with SME Corp in designing and implementing the nation’s first end-to-end facilitation platform for technology commercialisation under the High Impact Programme 2 (HIP2) of SME Corp’s SME Masterplan 2012-2020. 

Through our work with the Government of Malaysia, Institutes of Higher Learning, SMEs, and investors, we are vested both professionally and philanthropically as we continue to assess our stakeholder needs and work hard to identify best practice solutions in delivering the aforementioned national programmes.

Honest Perspective. As we continue to grow, each new day offers a chance for us to work together, pursue new opportunities and improve upon the past. We establish in-depth relationships with all our stakeholders by learning their environments, challenges and goals first-hand, so that we can offer tangible solutions with a candid perspective. We continue to manage PlaTCOM around the evolving needs of our stakeholders, so that we can be at the forefront of change and deliver value, as value is what we create.

We will constantly refine and position ourselves to maximise the value we create for all our stakeholders. I believe that you will get a sense of our vision, expertise and willingness to be of service to you as you browse through this website.

At your service for Innovating a Better Future Together

Dr Viraj Perera

Dr. Viraj Perera
CEO & Executive Director

Dr. Viraj’s expertise lies in technology transfer and innovation. Dr. Viraj has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field through working for elite organisations such as the University of Oxford and University of Warwick, UK, as well as a number of private companies.

Prior to being appointed as the CEO of PlaTCOM Ventures, Dr. Viraj held the position of Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation Business Opportunities (IBO) at Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM).

Before moving to Malaysia, Dr. Viraj worked for Isis Innovation Ltd – the technology transfer company of the University of Oxford. He was involved in consulting and advising governments, companies and research organisations on technology development, technology transfer and commercialisation, Intellectual Property management and discovery, commercialisation strategy and business planning. Dr. Viraj was also involved in business development, project design and delivery, as well as training and coaching in technology transfer and commercialisation. During his time at Isis, Dr. Viraj delivered projects/technology transfer training to UK and global clients from Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Malta, Czech Republic, Serbia, Korea, India and China.

Prior to joining Isis Innovation, Dr. Viraj worked as a Business Development Manager at Warwick Ventures – the commercial arm of the University of Warwick - where he was involved in technology transfer and the commercialisation of university research. Before migrating to the UK, he spent 10 years in Australia where Dr. Viraj gained much experience in the field of innovation management. He was also the co-founder and CEO of a successful biotech startup in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Viraj holds a PhD in Molecular Biotechnology, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology - both from RMIT University in Australia, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology from the University of Bangalore, India.
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