Who We Are


PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd is the national technology commercialisation platform of Malaysia. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) formed in collaboration with SME Corporation Malaysia under one of its six High Impact Programmes (HIPs) in SME Master Plan 2012-2020.

PlaTCOM Ventures has a mission: to turn the creative ideas of our inventors and entrepreneurs into successful products and services that change the world.

PlaTCOM Ventures is designed to discover and support innovations wherever they may be, assess ideas very critically, explore them systematically, and turn the best ones into successful products and services. Rather than following traditional technology transfer models, PlaTCOM Ventures has designed a model that facilitates any segment of the entire commercialisation process (end-to-end facilitation) from idea to products and services. The whole approach will be market driven in supporting industrial innovation and competitiveness. The model is more suited to the innovation environment in the South East Asia region in providing commercialisation support for the fledgling businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs including those from academia and public research institutes.

PlaTCOM Ventures is not just another technology commercialisation initiative. It is a company with ‘national innovation’ at its core, and with creativity running through every detail of the way it is modeled, organised and operated. It is an association of restless individuals who will settle for nothing less that being at the leading edge of technology commercialisation thriving to help inventors and entrepreneurs to achieve commercial success.


We aspire to become the best technology transfer and commercialisation platform in the ASEAN region by 2020.

OUR Mission
We are passionately committed to helping Malaysian SMEs and research organisations in commercialising their innovations to create wealth, impact society, preserve our environment and improve the quality of human life.

• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Efficiency
• Excellence

By 2020:
• To help a minimum of 300 Malaysian SMEs to commercialise their innovations
• To facilitate a minimum of 250 licence deals
• To become a self-sustainable entity