Innovation Business Opportunities

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Whether you are an innovator with a new idea to pitch or a company looking for a partner to help provide solid tech solutions for your business, PlaTCOM Ventures can find you the perfect match.

Our business matching services are at the forefront of technology transfer and exchange, creating new business opportunities for creators and companies alike.

Our Innovation Business Opportunities (IBO) platform creates a global network of both local and international entities wishing to share their ideas and find the right investor or collaborator for their product.

If you are looking for tech offers, you can search IBO for the newest innovations, identified and vetted by our experienced tech transfer experts. PlaTCOM's network consists of teams and individuals from universities, research industries and R&D organisations from around the world.

When you join our network, you are given the opportunity to promote your tech through our proprietary channels and find the right match within your target industry.

For Tech Requests, PlaTCOM assists companies, organisations and investors to find the right person for the job. If they need new technology or innovations to solve a specific problem, PlaTCOM has the resources available to make the ideal business match.

We have years of experience in the innovation transfer industry, allowing us to identify technology gaps and needs.

IBO is the national online IPR trading platform, managed by PlaTCOM Ventures, that is market-driven at its core. IBO enables inventors from private enterprises and public research institutions to display their inventions to potential buyers or licensors. Each technology that appears in IBO has been selected based on its quality and ability to meet industry needs. 

We follow a systematic 4-pronged approach to close the gap between industry and academia and facilitate technology transfer:

  • It starts with understanding the pain points faced by industry and identifying IPR/technology gaps
  • This is followed by the identification of solutions from a robust network of local and international technology providers
  • We capture the technology needs of industry and at the same time create technology offers that are collated and published on an easy to navigate web portal
  • Finally, we promote the technologies through our proprietary marketing channels and introduce them to technology seekers
Benefits of the IBO Platform
  • Allows industry players, SMEs, entrepreneurs and investors to scout for IPRs and technologies that can be commercialised
  • Quality IPRs and technologies are sourced from local and international organisations in a structured approach and promoted through established channels
  • Proven platform to facilitate license deals, create start-ups, and form new business/product lines
  • Access to a passionate team of technology commercialisation specialists that have what it takes to commercialise your innovation
The technologies shown in IBO are innovations that we have identified from a wide network of local and international universities, research institutes, and research and development organisations. The innovations are promoted through our proprietary marketing channels and presented to technology seekers with specific technology/IPR needs.

The goal is to find targeted solutions to the pain points and gaps faced by the industry. We have identified these needs and translated the key points into an easy-to-understand that allows inventors to find specific solutions to specific challenges.

PlaTCOM Ventures aspires to become the leading technology and commercialisation platform in the ASEAN region by 2020. By facilitating the commercialisation of innovation, we can help SMEs and research institutes create wealth, improve society and increase the quality of people’s lives.

PlaTCOM Ventures is your solution for your technology transfer needs. We aim to build new connections and foster growth to meet the challenges of the future. Our IBO platform is your gateway to modern technological innovation.

Are you looking for technology to solve a problem or do you have an innovation you want to market? Contact PlaTCOM to learn more about our Innovation Business Opportunities and business matching services.