Capacity Building & Knowledge Transfer Programme

Knowledge Transfer Programme – PlaTCOM Ventures

 As the national technology commercialisation platform of Malaysia, PlaTCOM plays a key role in training and developing our technology transfer professionals. Our goal is for relevant parties (technology transfer managers (TTM), researchers, companies etc.) to obtain invaluable knowledge on the entire technology transfer process, from evaluating technology opportunities to negotiating licenses and forming spinout companies, and thereby to learn technology transfer best practices. It is envisaged that through our carefully designed training modules, participants are empowered to use their skills in a way, which addresses their own self-identified developmental needs.

PlaTCOM delivers knowledge-based training modules on technology/knowledge transfer and commercialisation by combining a thorough, professional course pack with well-experienced training consultants.

Our knowledge transfer programme covers a wide range of training modules that cover everything from invention disclosures, to intra-organisational marketing, to opportunity screening, assessment and more.

The programme aims to instill the best business practices for technology transfer, valuation and licensing. This helps innovators and developers to navigate the complexities of trading and sharing information and other intellectual property. We even provide training for negotiation and business planning to cover all of your bases.

All of our training courses are designed to meet our customer's unique requirements. Let us help you protect your intellectual property and connect with businesses that will help you grow and develop your own business strategies.

Training Modules

  • Intra-Organisational Marketing
  • Invention Disclosures
  • Opportunity Screening and Assessment
  • Intellectual Property Protection (Basics)
  • Intellectual Property Protection (Advanced)
  • Patent Process & Management
  • Patent Strategy
  • Technology Valuation
  • Marketing and Promotion of IP
  • Technology Licensing (Basics)
  • Technology Licensing (Advanced)
  • Negotiation
  • Spin-off Company Formation
  • Business Plans
  • Legal Documents
  • Post-Deal Management
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Models of Technology Transfer and Innovation

PlaTCOM is market-driven and aims to continue to deliver excellent training that meet your needs. All trainers have previously been exposed to best practice in technology transfer and commercialisation of IP.

Tailored Training and Bespoke Courses

In addition to standard training modules in our knowledge transfer programme that covers the typical technology transfer process, PlaTCOM is extending its training provision nationally and internationally, to offer bespoke, in-house training courses, tailored to customer requirements.

PlaTCOM designs and delivers a wide range of courses and programs to meet specific needs and requirements for a variety of institutions.

Our bespoke services include:

  • Identifying specific training requirements/gaps
  • Working closely with your organisation to determine a unique programme for the target audience
  • Shaping the content to suit your goals and objectives
  • Delivering training by selected Trainers/Consultants
  • Undertaking evaluations on the effectiveness of any training delivered

We can submit a proposal for approval and deliver the training at a venue and date agreed with you. All relevant information such as any course packs, programs and other relevant information will be provided. All PlaTCOM bespoke training courses are delivered by experienced Trainers/Consultants who themselves are technology and knowledge transfer practitioners.

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