IP Services

We are Malaysia's defacto IP commercialisation platform that is designed to provide a full-fledged commercialisation and facilitation service to small and medium enterprises, public research institutes, universities, entrepreneurs and grass-roots innovators.

The ideas of humanity have always been an evolutionary process of action coupled with an inventive and creative ounce of tought. Society deems it as genius or innovation; you deem it as your “Intellectual Property”. Ingenuity, the need for expression and the desire to create great things have led to some of the most innovative discoveries of our time. Through the ages, civilisations and society has strove to protect it’s ideas and ideals, it’s thinkers and thoughts.

Today, PlaTCOM Ventures approaches businesses with the same dedication and diligence. PlaTCOM Ventures is a national’s IP commercialisation boutique that protects your IP needs in Malaysia by offering a wide spectrum of services covering Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Industrial Designs and Trade Secrets.

Our team of specialists ensures that through working with our panel of legal counsel and our close affiliations with associates, we are the first touch point for your organisation’s Intellectual Property.

We are driven by a passion to protect your ideas and your identity.