JKR Training on Technology Transfer and Commercialisation

Venue: JKR Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur
Event Date: 10 Jun 2015

PlatTCOM Ventures was invited to conduct a capacity building training on technology transfer and commercialisation for Public Works Department (Jabatan Kerja Raya, JKR) staffs. PlaTCOM conducted a similar program last year for JKR and this year, we were invited again to train a total of 45 participants across different divisions and states. This one-day training, which was held at JKR’s Headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, was aimed to expose JKR’s staff (researchers and innovators) on commercialisation processes from evaluating an invention all the way to licensing.

Successful commercialisation of an invention very much depends on the credibility of an individual in understanding, assessing the technology and efficiently develops the commercialisation strategies. Through this training, participants gained a snap shot of the ‘best practice’ commonly performed by professional technology transfer specialists in the commercialisation process. The interactive training session was delivered by consultants who themselves are technology and knowledge transfer practitioners. The modules delivered include: 
  • Opportunity Screening & Assessment 
  • Creating and Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) 
  • Patent Process and Management
PlaTCOM’s Executive Director, Dr. Viraj Perera, commented, “This is a very good effort by JKR to equip its staffs with the knowledge on commercialisation processes. We wish to continuously support JKR through our carefully designed training modules and empower staffs to use their skills in a way, which addresses their own self-identified developmental needs in the process of technology transfer and commercialisation”. “PlaTCOM is market-driven and aims to continue to deliver excellent training courses to enhance technology transfer and commercialisation capability in the country” he added.