PlaTCOM InnoSeed Event

Venue: Dewan Mahkota, SMECorp, KL Sentral
Event Date: 23 Oct 2014
Following up on the successful inaugural InnoSeed event in July 2014, PlatTCOM Ventures organised its second InnoSeed event, which was focused on Malaysian IP in the herbal medicine and functional foods sector. The event not only showed a tremendous interest from local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but participants also included companies from Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. This demonstrates again that Malaysia is one of the leaders in developing IP in natural products and that there is a potential to commercialise these products internationally. Ultimately this could result in wealth creation and health benefits for Malaysians.

However, the commercialisation of IP/technologies is not a trivial exercise, and many innovations never reach the market due to a number of reasons. To address this challenge, PlaTCOM Ventures has designed an innovative programme tailored for Malaysian SMEs to accelerate the development and commercialisation of innovative, market-driven products and services as well as encouraging the creation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) for commercialisation. The concept of the programme is strategic - PlaTCOM will provide end-to-end facilitation and funding to selected Malaysian SMEs for further development of innovations into commercially viable end products. PlaTCOM InnoSeed is one of the initiatives to assist SMEs in their quest to grow their business.

Essentially, PlaTCOM Innoseed is a new way of pitching and showcasing innovations such as technologies, prototypes, and products, face-to-face with SMEs thus taking a different and a proactive approach in bringing good IPRs to market. The event stages Malaysian IP-based inventions from various industry verticals and is a key platform for opening new business opportunities for SMEs. Since the events zoom in on a particular market segment or sector, it will also provide an opportunity to understand the market landscape and how these IPRs can create a competitive advantage.

In this second edition of InnoSeed there were two prominent speakers from industry to talk about the herbal medicine and functional foods industry:
  1. Dr Heike Steiling, Chief Innovation Manager, Nestle Malaysia/Singapore. Dr Heike shared some valuable insights into how a global player such as Nestle stays relevant through various innovation initiatives. She also highlighted the partnerships the F&B giant has formed with startups and biotechs to leverage active ingredients to strengthen nutrition profiles and health benefits.

  2. Dr Glenn Tong, CEO, Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (Australia). Dr Glenn shared his story on how his phobia of needles instigated him to come up with an innovation to develop a natural product the can be delivered sublingually. He also addressed the challenges involved in getting a pharmaceutical product into the market. Finally, this presentation provided the SMEs in the audience with a clear roadmap on how to increase the value of nutraceuticals through the initiation of the necessary regulatory tests and adoption of certain marketing strategies. 
A major component of the InnoSeed event featured the PlaTCOM team demonstrating products sourced from local Universities and Research Institutes that are ready for industry uptake. 27 licensing opportunities were showcased, ranging from an instant cereal drink made of germinated brown rice, to an anti-gout herbal remedy, to edible packaging with nutritional value. 

The event, officiated by Mr Mark Rozario (CEO of AIM), was held at SME Corp Malaysia’s office at Platinum Sentral, Kuala Lumpur and attracted over 40 local and international SMEs within the herbal medicine and functional foods sector. It has generated many leads from SMEs who are looking into expanding their products lines and opening new business opportunities. 

Please check PlaTCOM’s website ( for future InnoSeed events and other PlaTCOM services that may benefit your organisation.  Or contact for any other questions.